The Digital Space Traveler program is fantastic community environment.  Each community server is independently owned and operated.  This makes Traveler a unique experience because each server hosts many unique worlds only found on that server.  The themes of each world vary greatly, allowing the visitor to find something they like.  The worlds are based on ideas on the ground, underground, up in the sky, out in space and even truly strange and bizaar places only the imagination could make!

   Traveler users are represented by avatars.  The avatars are animated 3D objects of human heads, animals, and fantasy creatures.  The avatars respond to your voice as you talk in your microphone.  The syncing of the lips on many avatars are very uncanny how they respond
to your voice.  Each avatar can be custom painted to make a unique color scheme.  Many Traveler users keep a unique color scheme that other users can recognise them by.  This adds to the social realism Traveler offers.  Traveler users almost always use their microphones to speak.  Texting is fine, but many prefer voice, since voice chat inworld is what makes Traveler so special.  There are lots of 3D chat programs out there that have text only chat, but text chat has many limitations.  The emotions and feelings in text chat is sometimes unrealistic, and the user is left to interpret it's meaning.  Voice chat on the other hand has all the emotion and feelings of the person you are talking to.  Voice chat may not be what some people like because some of the anonymous aspect of chatting is lost.

   But, if you love to voice chat, Traveler is a great place to come to.  The combination of voice, avatars and full 3D worlds makes for a great experience.  Come and join Traveler and help the community grow. 

   The Digital Space Traveler client is completely free to download and use.  Every community server has it's own techs to help you get started and many of the Traveler users like to help out too.  So come on in, bring your friends and have a nice time.  See you soon!